Autotask PSA Integration

VIDEO  Using Autotask PSA with Datto RMM
Learn how to configure the integration of Autotask PSA with Datto RMM for a fully unified experience.


IMPORTANT  You must have a default security level of Administrator in Datto RMM when configuring the integration. If you have more than one security level, ensure Administrator is selected as your default security level. For more information, refer to Add a user in the current UI and Creating a user in the New UI.

IMPORTANT  You must use an Autotask PSA sync account when running the integration setup wizard, and this PSA user account must have a security level of API User. Make sure that in the security level settings, the check box of Not required to change password (password does not expire) is selected. Refer to this topic in the PSA Online Help: Other security settings.

IMPORTANT  Ensure that in Autotask PSA all Protected Data Permissions are enabled for the sync account. You can do this in Autotask PSA by navigating to Autotask PSA menu > Admin > Company Settings & Users > Resources/Users (HR) > Security > Protected Data Permission. For more information, refer to this topic in the PSA Online Help: Manage permission to view protected data.

About the integration

The advanced integration of Autotask PSA and Datto RMM introduces a truly unified business management platform. It includes the following features:

NOTE  For more information about the following features in Autotask PSA, refer to this topic in the PSA Online Help: Integration workflows.

  • Datto RMM users can be mapped to PSA resources and roles, and Datto RMM sites can be mapped to PSA companies. When the integration is enabled, PSA companies can be mapped to one or multiple Datto RMM sites. The mapping can take place in Datto RMM or PSA.
  • NOTE  For more information, refer to this topic in the PSA Online Help: Navigating from the PSA company to the RMM site.

  • Integrated ticketing no longer synchronizes Datto RMM and PSA tickets. Instead, the Single System of Record (SSoR) functionality provides direct access from Datto RMM tickets to PSA and vice versa, with more detailed ticket information. With the integration enabled, the ticket entity lives in Autotask PSA only. Therefore, any Datto RMM ticket history prior to enabling the integration is no longer visible.
  • Each monitor type and the end client Agent tickets can be configured to create tickets in PSA in designated queues with configurable issue, sub-issue, work type, and ticket note defaults. The defaults can be overridden for specific monitors.
  • Datto RMM device types can be mapped to Autotask PSA products and configuration item types.
  • Datto RMM device user-defined fields (UDFs) can be mapped to Autotask PSA configuration item UDFs.
  • Datto RMM alerts can automatically be closed if the PSA alert ticket is completed using a PSA workflow rule and extension callout. Workflow rules in PSA automatically perform certain updates and actions when specific events happen and conditions are met. You have a number of attributes that are specific to Datto RMM and that are available for use in PSA workflow rules.
  • NOTE  To learn how to add and edit workflow rules, refer to the workflow rules topics in the PSA Online Help: Workflow rules.

  • The single sign-on (SSO) functionality allows you to be automatically logged in to Datto RMM if you are already logged in to PSA and you click an SSO-enabled link from within PSA.
  • You can make your workflow simpler by having your PSA alert ticket self-heal or clear automatically when the corresponding Datto RMM alert is resolved. You can also specify when a Datto RMM alert should be considered repeating or related to another alert.
  • You can use attributes that are specific to Datto RMM in PSA workflow rules.
  • Datto RMM alert and device dashboard tabs are available in PSA. The dashboards are configured based on the additional device data that is synced between Datto RMM and PSA.
  • Datto RMM devices can be mapped to billing contracts in PSA. Datto RMM devices appear in PSA in real time without a manual device discovery process. We have added an Endpoint Management Configuration Item Mapping page in PSA where you can assign a contact, a billing contract and, for recurring service contracts, a service or bundle to the device. You can also set the device as Reviewed for Contract (which removes it from the page).
  • NOTE  For more information, refer to this topic in the PSA Online Help: Mapping discovered devices to a contact and contract.

  • You can access a number of Datto RMM tools right from PSA using right-click and context menus.

You can configure the integration in Datto RMM after downloading the Autotask component from the ComStore.

How to...

Autotask PSA setup

After the initial setup of the integration within Datto RMM, additional settings must be configured within Autotask PSA.

Additional features in Autotask PSA