Getting support for components


Please note the following advisory when viewing components downloaded from the ComStore or copies of those components:

NOTE  Unless otherwise stated, ComStore scripts are owned by Datto and are provided to Datto partners solely for internal use and/or for servicing the clients of Datto partners in conjunction with an active Datto RMM subscription. Any other use or redistribution is prohibited without explicit approval from Datto.

Scope of support

Addressing component-related issues is among the responsibilities of Datto RMM Support.

The Datto RMM Support team covers the following:

  • Troubleshoot jobs associated to scripts/components.
  • Investigate if a script runs successfully outside of Datto RMM but does not run successfully in Datto RMM.

Datto RMM Support does not cover custom script/component creation. Partners are advised to contact their account manager for a Professional Services engagement if they require assistance with script/component creation.

To learn how to contact the Datto RMM Support team, refer to Kaseya Helpdesk.

Who to contact

Refer to List of ComStore components to access a spreadsheet containing the details of all components available from the ComStore.

  • The components listed in the Datto RMM Components tab are supported by Datto and covered by the standard support process.
  • The components listed in the Integration Components tab are authored and supported by a third-party vendor. Vendor contact information is included in the Support Contact column.

Support for third-party components

If an incident related to a third-party component is opened with Datto RMM Support, the incident will remain open while the vendor works directly with the partner. Once Datto RMM Support has received confirmation that a fix has been released, an email will be sent to any case attached to the issue, and the case will be set to complete in three business days. Should the issue persist, the case can be responded to and the Datto RMM Support team will continue troubleshooting.

The Datto RMM Support team may assist in providing information about component-related issues to the following vendors:

  • Malwarebytes: Both partners and clients can create support tickets through the Malwarebytes Business support service or from within Malwarebytes OneView. Communication will occur directly between the reporting partner and Malwarebytes Support.
  • Bitdefender: Partners and Datto RMM Support team members can email the Bitdefender B2B Help Center to open tickets on behalf of clients. Communication will occur directly between the reporting partner and Bitdefender Support.
  • CyberDrain: Datto RMM Support will work directly with CyberDrain on component-related issues. Communication will occur directly between the reporting partner and Datto RMM Support on any existing cases. Partners may email script requests to CyberDrain, but Datto is not involved in this process and cannot comment on pending requests.

Additional resources

Community ComStore

The Community ComStore is a repository for Datto RMM components, policies, and scripts. All Datto RMM users are encouraged to share best practices with the Community so that all users can benefit.

Make sure you are familiar with the Community ComStore ground rules before using the site.

IMPORTANT  Components shared in the Community ComStore are only supported by the Community.

Component feedback

The Datto RMM Product Management team is happy to hear suggestions for features to add to a component. Please submit any suggestions via the Send Feedback button in the upper-right corner of any page.