Adding a device - New UI

Downloading the Agent or sharing the Agent installer

  1. Navigate to Sites > click the name of a site > click Add Device.
    Alternatively, navigate to Devices > All > click Add Device. Enter the name of the site you want to add your device to, then select it from the list. The search results are narrowed as you type.
  2. Choose the target operating system.

NOTE  The following operating systems are currently supported: Windows, macOS, Linux. For more information on which versions of these operating systems are supported, refer to Supported operating systems and Agent requirements.

  1. Choose one of the following options:
Option Description
Download the Agent Click Download and run the downloaded executable file (named AgentSetup_<sitename>.exe).
Share the Agent Link Click Copy and share the Agent download link.
Use the Installation Command Click Copy and paste the installation command into your command line.

NOTE  In the case of Windows, the PowerShell installation command can be used in both standard and Administrator-level PowerShell sessions.

For more information, refer to the following topics:

Installing or uninstalling the Windows Agent

Installing or uninstalling the macOS Agent

Installing or uninstalling the Linux Agent

NOTE  When the Agent is installed, it will connect to the platform, and a full hardware and software audit of the device will be sent back to the platform. Refer to Device Summary - New UI.