LAN deployment using the Agent Browser (Windows only)

If one of the devices on the LAN has the Agent installed, the deployment to the remaining devices can be initiated from the Agent Browser and the web interface.

For information on deploying from the web interface, refer to LAN deployment from the web interface.

Initiate LAN deploy

  1. Connect to a device which is on the local network of the devices you wish to deploy your Agent to. The Agent Browser window will open.
  2. Click on the Agent Deployment icon (the one with the three computer screens). The new tab you see will be split into a top and a bottom pane.
  1. Click Device Discovery above the top pane. The scan process will start and list all devices within the same domain or workgroup. It will display if an Agent is already installed on the device, and its version number.

NOTE  The device discovery process is using UDP broadcast to identify if an Agent is installed on a device. UDP packets can get broken or blocked by network hardware which may lead to false readings. If no response is received, the device will be flagged as having no Agent installed.

  1. Check all the devices you wish to deploy to.
  1. Click Deploy.

If you haven't already done so via the Settings button, you will be prompted to enter the credentials for the deployment.

NOTE  All devices on the local LAN must have the same username and password, and the user account must have appropriate permissions to install the Agent. If the username or password is incorrect or the user account cannot access the Admin$ share, the installation will fail.

  1. Enter the domain\user and the password and click OK. This will initiate the deployment to the devices.

Each device the Agent has been deployed to will be listed in the bottom pane. The deployment status will be updated every 2 seconds. The results of each device's deployment are recorded in the Installed, Date and Output columns. Extended deployment information will appear when you mouse over the Output column.

NOTE  There is also an option to add device names manually in the lower window. Once the hostname(s) are entered, click OK and the Agent installation will begin.