Deleting a site - New UI

How to...

Delete a site

  1. In the All Sites table, select a site to delete and click Delete.

    NOTE  Only one site can be deleted at a time.

  2. In the confirmation dialog box, enter the number of devices contained within this site to confirm the action.

    The following will also be deleted along with the site:

    • All devices in the site
    • Any integration data for this site
    • Any Site Device Filters in this site
    • Any Site Device Groups in this site
    • Any global-level Custom Device Filters targeting this site only

    NOTE  Filters and groups that were exclusively using the deleted site as a criterion, targeting the deleted site, or targeting devices in the deleted site will also be deleted. However, if a filter or group is in use by multiple sites, only the deleted site will be removed.
    In addition, jobs targeting the associated filters or groups will have the deleted site removed from their targets. If a job is targeting multiple sites, only the deleted site will be removed. Refer to Targets in the New UI and Job Targets in the legacy UI.

  3. Click Delete to continue or Cancel to stop the action.