The Datto RMM Agent and Agent Browser

About the Agent

The Datto RMM Agent is a lightweight software program installed on a device that supports Agent installation. The Agent gathers up-to-date information about the device's health and status and communicates it to the Datto RMM web interface.

Having the necessary information ready in the web interface, the Datto RMM administrator can use the Agent to proactively monitor the devices, deploy patches, push out policies, create alerts and tickets, execute scripts, run scheduled jobs, or even enable a remote connection to these devices. While the Agent facilitates the connection to another device, the connection is established through the Agent Browser that can be launched from the Agent or the web interface. Remote takeover can be initiated from either the web interface or the Agent Browser. Refer to Remote support actions (web interface) and List of Agent Browser tools.

For more information about the Agent and Agent types, refer to Datto RMM Agent and Managed and OnDemand Agents.

For information about devices and deployment options, refer to Devices.

About the Agent Browser

IMPORTANT  The Agent Browser is only available for Managed Agents on Microsoft Windows devices. OnDemand Agents and operating systems other than Windows do not have an Agent Browser.

In order to establish a connection between two devices, both the device you are connecting from and the device you are connecting to need to have an Agent installed, but the connection will be established through the Datto RMM Agent Browser. If you would like to connect to a device that cannot have an Agent installed, the Agent Browser will use a Network Node to establish the connection.

The Agent Browser is launched from the Datto RMM Agent or the Datto RMM web interface. Once a connection has been set up to a remote device, a variety of tasks can be executed on the endpoint. The Agent Browser allows you to diagnose and fix many issues remotely, and often in the background, without the user being aware of it. You can connect to more than one device at the same time, that is, you can have multiple sessions open in the Agent Browser.

Among others, the Agent Browser allows you to:

  • Take a screenshot of the endpoint or open a remote takeover tool
  • Open a command shell on the remote device or access its Service Manager, Task Manager, File Manager, Registry Editor, or Event Viewer
  • Shut down or restart the remote device
  • Deploy an Agent to devices on the remote network and wake up those devices
  • Run quick jobs on the remote device

While the Agent Browser is only available for Managed devices on Windows operating system, it can connect to Managed and OnDemand devices on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, with varying options available to each. You can also initiate a browser connection, a direct connection, or a custom tunnel connection to devices managed by a Network Node device. Refer to List of Agent Browser tools.

For information about how to log in to the Agent Browser and connect to a device, refer to Agent Browser.