Agent Browser tools

The Datto RMM Agent Browser allows you to connect to a remote device and execute a variety of actions on it. This topic will explain the function of the Agent Browser tools that are at your disposal once the connection to a device has been established.

While the Agent Browser is only available for Managed devices on Windows operating system, it can connect to Managed and OnDemand devices on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, with varying options available to each. You can also initiate a browser connection, a direct connection, or a custom tunnel connection to devices managed by a Network Node device. Refer to List of Agent Browser tools.

IMPORTANT  The Agent Browser is only available for Managed Agents on Microsoft Windows devices. OnDemand Agents and operating systems other than Windows do not have an Agent Browser.

For information on how to install the Agent on Windows devices, refer to Installing or uninstalling the Windows Agent.


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