Splashtop Remote Screen Share Integration

About Splashtop

Splashtop is a leading screen share application that provides fast and smooth remote connection to computers from various devices. The Splashtop Integration allows Datto RMM users to remotely access computers using Splashtop technology.

Splashtop deployment works by utilizing a server and a viewer application or, in Splashtop terms, a Streamer for the remote side and a Client for the viewing side.

The Splashtop Integration offers the following benefits:

  • Windows and macOS support
  • Retina display support: The use of Splashtop gives remote takeover ability to retina display devices, as well as the ability to take over macOS devices unattended.
  • Multiple user (Terminal Server) support and multiple monitor support
  • Two concurrent connections to a single device
  • Ability to enable blank screen remotely
  • Remote keyboard and mouse locking
  • Copy/paste clipboard on Windows devices at login screen
  • Secure connection: All ports are routed through our secure tunnel servers when the connection is initiated from a Datto RMM Agent.

Current Splashtop Streamer versions

  • Windows:
  • macOS:

Splashtop system requirements

Refer to this Splashtop Support article.

NOTE  Also refer to Requirements in Connecting to a device using Splashtop.

How to...

Connecting to a device using Splashtop

Providing remote access to your end users