Web Remote


Web Remote is a browser-based HTML5 remote control, chat, and PowerShell technology featuring fast connection times and is available as a remote action for online servers, laptops, and desktops.

IMPORTANT  Web Remote sessions can be initiated from Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android devices using a recent version of the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari browser; no installed Agent is required. However, only Windows and macOS devices with a Managed Agent installed can be controlled via a Web Remote session.

For Web Remote to function properly on macOS devices running Mojave or later, the following applications must be listed and selected for the following options in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy (or, for Ventura, System Settings > Privacy & Security > Privacy section):
Accessibility: AEM Agent, Vine Server
Full Disk Access: AEM Agent, Vine Server
Screen Recording: AEM Agent, Vine Server

File Transfer requires the Agent Process to be running using .NET Core.

Simultaneous connections from up to four users is supported for both Windows and macOS devices. Web Remote can be accessed from the Agent Browser, the Remote Actions section in the legacy UI, or the Device Summary and Devices pages in the New UI. Refer to Remote Actions. Web Remote sessions and chats may also be initiated from webhook notifications. Refer to Webhooks.

NOTE  Both Web Remote and Splashtop are not supported for remote takeover of headless devices (physical devices with no attached monitor) unless the device has an active virtual monitor. In these cases, third-party video adapters or other software can be used to generate a virtual display. RDP is an alternative remote takeover tool that functions for headless devices. Refer to RDP in Remote takeover tools.

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