Webhooks provide you with the capability to customize alert content and actions to external systems, allowing you to be notified about alerts and resolutions for critical issues directly where you work. Some examples external systems include the following:
• Microsoft Teams
• Slack
• Power Automate
• Zapier

Webhook notifications in Datto RMM support separate payloads for when an alert is triggered and (optionally) when an alert is resolved. Notifications can be configured with variables to provide detailed alert information when creating or editing a monitor either as part of a policy or as a device-level monitor. For more information, refer to Response details.

NOTE  Configuring webhook notifications is only available in the New UI.

VIDEO  Webhook Notifications Partner Interview
Join Senior Product Manager Frederick Bendžius-Drennan for an exclusive MSP interview to discuss webhooks in the New UI, including examples of webhook notifications for Microsoft Teams and Power Automate.

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