Single Alert View


An alert is the automatic response to a device operating outside of the parameters defined in a monitor. To learn how to create a monitor, refer to Creating a monitor.

The Single Alert View page features a clear structure to ensure that alert information is relevant, in context, and actionable. The title and overview areas provide at-a-glance information about the alert, with all alerts titled according to the semantic [Priority] [Category] Alert On [Device Name], mirroring the data presented in Dashboards widgets or alert tables. In addition, use of color to communicate urgency as well as time stamps helps you quickly understand and take action on key information.

Time stamps reflect the user time zone and preferred date format configured on the Setup > My Settings page. Hovering over any time stamp will show its date in the alternative format. Refer to User Time Zone and Date Format.

NOTE  Alerts are retained for six months. An alert will be re-raised for any monitor that is in alert condition for more than six months.