Column Chooser field definitions

The Column Chooser allows you to you select which columns are visible in the web interface. You may also drag and drop any of the columns to rearrange their order, sort on some of the columns as indicated by the Sortable? column, or export some columns to CSV format as indicated by the Exportable? column. Rearranging the order of columns, adding or removing columns, sorting, and filtering changes will persist across the Devices and Sites pages.

NOTE  The Column Chooser will not be displayed for tables if there are no rows in the table.

In the Column Chooser, options that are gray and not selectable are columns shown in the web interface by default. Some columns may also allow you to filter on certain attributes. You may have to scroll down in the Column Chooser to see all available columns. Click Reset to restore the default view.

Time stamps reflect the user time zone and preferred date format configured on the Setup > My Settings page. Hovering over any time stamp will show its date in the alternative format. Refer to User Time Zone and Date Format.