About groups

In Datto RMM, groups are used to group specific devices or sites in situations where you cannot or choose not to use filters. Devices can be grouped at both the global and the site level. Sites can be grouped at the global level. Groups can be used as the target for monitors, reports, and jobs.

Similarly to filters, groups work independently of sites. This means that you can group devices from many sites together. However, as opposed to filters, groups are static, which means that adding or removing devices or sites to or from groups is a manual activity that is carried out in the web interface.

Users with the administrator security level can control which devices each security level has access to, which includes the option to include or exclude specific groups. For details, refer to Device visibility in Security Levels.

Creating a Device Group or Site Device Group

To create a group, follow any of the first three navigation paths described in Security and navigation and click Create Group.

To learn how to create a Site Group, refer to Creating a Site Group.

Viewing and managing Device Groups and Site Device Groups

For Site Groups information, refer to Viewing and managing Site Groups.