New UI


Datto RMM’s new User Interface (UI) is a key element of our vision for RMM innovation. In addition to providing a modern RMM experience, the New UI also introduces significant architectural advancements to strengthen Datto RMM’s foundation as a security-first, scalable, and easy-to-use RMM platform for managed service providers (MSPs).

Benefits of the New UI

  • Modern and intuitive experience. The New UI provides an intuitive user experience with features such as dynamic page scaling, in-depth search capabilities, and dashboards that accurately represent what is happening within your estate.
  • Enhanced security. The new architecture uses a front-end API that marks a clear separation between front-end and back-end services, which enables greater platform security. Coupled with native ransomware detection, the New UI is a crucial component of Datto RMM’s security-first design.
  • Faster and more scalable. As the number of endpoints managed by MSPs grows, Datto RMM is processing more data than ever before. The new Datto RMM architecture is designed for scalability, resulting in more predictable performance and enhanced responsiveness.
  • Greater efficiency. New quick actions and their improved interaction with components helps you to close tickets faster. Powerful dashboards and data visualization with widgets and granular filters that can be shared with other users help you to take insightful actions and to collaborate better for an enhanced service experience.
  • Run it from anywhere. In an increasingly hybrid and cloud-based IT environment, the New UI is a seamless experience across browsers and devices, allowing you greater flexibility in servicing your clients.
  • Faster time to value. Whether you are new to Datto RMM or a long-time partner adding new technicians to a growing business, the New UI is easy to learn and makes client onboarding faster with features such as network topology. Improved feature organization also enables you to make the most out of Datto RMM’s extensive feature set.

New and enhanced features in the New UI

We have made extensive enhancements to existing features and have added several new features that are available only in the New UI, such as the following:

Devices & Sites

  • The Metrics card shows up to 90 days of downtime, CPU, memory, and disk usage, with options to view different date ranges and export. Refer to Metrics.

  • The Related devices card shows how devices are related to others in the network and helps make navigation more intuitive. Refer to Related Devices.
  • Network Topology brings instant understanding to any network with a network node. Device onboarding is also significantly easier. Refer to Network Discovery - New UI.
  • New navigation with recently used devices and sites makes it much easier to return to where you were previously. Refer to Recently accessed list.

Quick Actions & Self-service

  • Various common quick actions were added to the Device Summary page, such as the ability to uninstall software from the software list. Refer to Software. Bitdefender, Webroot, or Windows Defender actions are also available. Refer to Endpoint Security, Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection, or Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Quick jobs in the New UI allow you to more easily take action on devices. Improved quick job functionality, with options to directly add ComStore components, makes it easier than ever for technicians to solve device-level problems with components. Refer to Quick jobs - New UI.
  • License self-service ensures new Datto RMM licenses can be added quickly and easily. Refer to Licenses - New UI.

Alerts & Analytics

  • Dashboards contain powerful widgets, filters, and the ability to share with other users. Refer to Dashboards.

  • Alert history provides important context by showing recent and related alerts on device and alert pages. Refer to Single Alert View - New UI.
  • Unscheduled maintenance mode prevents unwanted alerts from being raised for one or more devices within a specified amount of time. Refer to Create a Maintenance Mode Window.

  • The Unified Activity Log provides device and user activity in one place, with advanced log search capabilities. Refer to Activity Log.

Integrations & Security

Recently added

Current release

New UI keyboard shortcuts

  • M key: When viewing a dashboard, it allows you to enter full-screen mode. This function is only available when the dashboard contains at least one widget. Refer to Dashboards.
  • N key: It allows you to expand or completely collapse the left navigation menu on any page.
  • F key: It activates the global search bar. Refer to Global search.

Transitioning to the New UI

In preparation for the official switchover, we strongly recommend learning how to access and use the New UI, growing familiar with the features that function in new and improved ways, and sharing any of your suggestions or feedback.


Q4 2022: The remaining functionality will be completed in the New UI.

Q1 2023: The New UI will be the default interface, but users will be able to access the legacy UI when required.

NOTE  Access to the legacy UI will only be removed once all remaining functionality is completed in the New UI.