Main features in Datto RMM


The Datto RMM web interface is built to provide a modern, security-first, scalable, and easy-to-use RMM platform for managed service providers (MSPs).

Benefits of Datto RMM

  • Modern and intuitive experience. Datto RMM provides an intuitive user experience with features such as dynamic page scaling, in-depth search capabilities, and dashboards that accurately represent what is happening within your estate.
  • Enhanced security. The architecture uses a front-end API that marks a clear separation between front-end and back-end services, which enables greater platform security.
  • Faster and more scalable. As the number of endpoints managed by MSPs grows, Datto RMM is processing more data than ever before. The architecture is designed for scalability, resulting in more predictable performance and enhanced responsiveness.
  • Greater efficiency. Quick actions and their interaction with components help you close tickets faster. Powerful dashboards and data visualization with widgets and granular filters that can be shared with other users help you to take insightful actions and to collaborate better for an enhanced service experience.
  • Run it from anywhere. In an increasingly hybrid and cloud-based IT environment, Datto RMM is a seamless experience across browsers and devices, allowing you greater flexibility in servicing your clients.
  • Faster time to value. Whether you are new to Datto RMM or a long-time partner adding new technicians to a growing business, the web interface is easy to learn and makes client onboarding faster with features such as network topology. Feature organization enables you to make the most out of Datto RMM’s extensive feature set.

NOTE  Access to the legacy UI will be removed only once all remaining functionality is completed in the New UI.

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