Datto Continuity Integration

About the integration

The Datto Continuity Integration allows you to join Datto Continuity products with Datto RMM, offering many benefits to make protecting clients against downtime and ransomware attacks more integrated and efficient.

NOTE  The Deploy Datto Virtual SIRIS to Hyper-V Server [WIN] component is also available from the ComStore. This component allows you to prepare a Hyper-V-capable server for Datto vSIRIS deployment, download the disk image and prepare the VM for configuration, and prepare the Hyper-V host to accept a Hypervisor connection from the vSIRIS via Datto RMM regardless of whether you also have the Datto Continuity Integration configured.

Highlights include the following:

  • Complete visibility of protected servers and their backup statuses in Datto RMM. View backup information alongside other key device information such as patch status and monitoring alerts. Devices display backup status, offsite sync status, and screenshot verification information. Quickly see if there are any unprotected volumes on a device.
  • Seamless technician workflows, which makes it efficient to configure, back up, and restore servers within Datto RMM. Resolve client issues faster by recovering data or by initiating a cloud restore directly from the device summary page. Refer to Datto Continuity. Create a backup of a server before making a big change, which provides an extra level of protection.
  • The ability to view and configure Datto Continuity devices from a single portal. No need to log in to multiple user interfaces to see all devices in your client’s network; Datto Continuity devices can be managed the same way as any other device in Datto RMM as both systems use Datto single sign-on (SSO).
  • The ability to deploy Datto Backup Windows agents with the Datto RMM deployment component. All prerequisite checks are automatically executed, and the agent can be deployed at a scheduled time for several devices at once.
  • Complete understanding of device relationships by way of automated links between devices. Instantly see if a server is protected by a Datto Continuity device and whether it is connected to a Datto Access Point, Switch, or Managed Power device.
  • The ability to run reports that contain information about Datto Continuity devices. Refer to Reports.
  • The capability to integrate with a PSA. Datto Continuity devices will automatically be synced to a PSA system, making it easier to keep a fully updated Configuration Management Database (CMBD) and to automate the billing process.

NOTE   The Datto Continuity Integration is free of charge, and Datto Continuity devices do not count toward your Managed device limit.


  • An active Datto RMM subscription.
  • At least one Datto Continuity device.
  • Access to Datto Partner Portal to obtain API keys.

Supported Datto Continuity devices

  • ALTO
  • vSIRIS
  • Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure
  • Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

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