Reports - New UI

About reports

Datto RMM features a large number of reports and exports that users with sufficient permissions can generate.

  • All reports can be scheduled from the Reports page, device lists, and the Device Summary page.
  • Flexible target selection is available. Any report can be run against a combination of devices, sites, filters, and groups.
  • Reports are multilingual. You can set the language of the reports to English or German.
  • Every report has its own set of criteria. This allows you to control what data is displayed in the reports. Depending on the report, you can specify criteria, such as date range, columns, filters, and thresholds.
  • Reports are delivered in PDF format, while exports are delivered as CSV files that you can use with third-party tools and applications.
  • When multiple sites are included in the targets, you can use the aggregate report option to create a single report.

About quick reports

A quick report allows you to quickly configure a report and run it immediately from the Device Summary page or a list of devices without having to schedule it. For more information, refer to Quick reports.

Creating a report

Navigate to the Reports page and click Create Report. Alternatively, navigate to the Create Report page from a Device Summary page or a list of devices by following the navigation paths described above.

Report completion and delivery

Viewing and managing reports