Software Management - Legacy UI

IMPORTANT  If Advanced Software Management is activated for the Datto RMM account, Software Management must be executed exclusively in the New UI. Refer to Advanced Software Management.

About Software Management

Keeping software applications updated is a major part of any endpoint security strategy. Common third-party, internet-facing software applications like Adobe Reader and frameworks like Oracle Java may become a target of attacks because of possible vulnerabilities. Cyber attacks exploit security flaws. Therefore, maintaining and exercising application version control is imperative to any modern operation, and the Software Management feature was designed with this in mind.

Datto RMM Software Management has the following capabilities:

  • An automatic, policy-based approach to third-party software update management keeps endpoints updated with the latest versions of frameworks and applications.
  • Application update approval can be configured, and applications can be installed on an endpoint if they are not already present.
  • Built-in compliance reporting shows whether endpoints have the latest versions of critical applications and frameworks.

Once a Software Management policy is configured, you can use the Software Management dashboards at the account and site levels, and the Software Status page at the device level to have an overview of the software compliance status of your devices. Refer to Software Management at the account and site levels and Software Management at the device level.

NOTE  The third-party software applications you want to manage through a Software Management policy do not have to be downloaded from the ComStore. A Software Management policy can be configured independently of what's already present in your Component Library.

NOTE  Datto RMM uses Aria2, an open source download manager, to download software packages for Software Management.

User-level vs. system-level software installations

Some software can be installed at the user level or the system level. As a systems management tool, Datto RMM is only aware of and can only manage system-level installations of software applications. In the event of a clash between user- and system-level software installations, such as the same application being installed via Software Management but already existing at the user level, all user-level copies of the software will be removed in favor of system-level installations.