Create a Software Management policy - Legacy UI

IMPORTANT  If Advanced Software Management is activated for the Datto RMM account, Software Management policies are not editable in the legacy UI and must be created and edited in the New UI. Any already configured policies may still be pushed to devices from the legacy UI. Refer to Advanced Software Management.

Software Management policies must still be able to be pushed to devices from the list page.

What is a Software Management policy?

A Software Management policy allows you to configure third-party software application updates and define when those updates should be installed. Once a policy is configured, you can use the Software Management dashboards at the account and site levels, and the Software Status page at the device level to have an overview of the software compliance status of your devices. Refer to Software Management at the account and site levels and Software Management at the device level.

NOTE  The third-party software applications you want to manage through a Software Management policy do not have to be downloaded from the ComStore. A Software Management policy can be configured independently of what's already present in your Component Library.

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