Filters - Legacy UI

About filters

A filter in Datto RMM is a tool that is used to sort through a large number of devices. Filters rely on device audit data and are available at both the account and site level. A filter can be configured with certain criteria to target specific attributes of a device. It can even be set up to locate devices with specific software.

Filters are dynamic and work independently of sites so you can have a filter that looks for devices with specific criteria across all sites. As device attributes change, the filters will automatically be updated and all the devices that match the filter criteria will be displayed in the filter results.

Filters are a fundamentally critical part of Datto RMM as they can effectively target the right devices with reports, monitors, jobs, patch management, etc. If your servers go offline, for example, you can target an online status monitor at your servers with the help of a filter.

NOTE  To see how filters work in a policy, refer to Managing policies - Legacy UI in the legacy UI and Policies in the New UI.

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