Security levels

About security levels

Security levels specify and limit the access users have when logged in to the Datto RMM web interface, the Agent Browser, or a Web Remote session. Users can have more than one security level and change them as needed. Security levels can be added, edited, copied, and deleted in both the current UI and the New UI. Users can switch security levels in the current UI, the New UI, and the Agent Browser.

IMPORTANT  You must have Administrator security level to be able to add, edit, copy, or delete a security level. For further information, refer to Users.

Administrator security level

By default, Administrator security level is assigned to the user who registers a Datto RMM account, and it is the only security level available to assign to new users until other security levels are created. The Administrator security level cannot be modified or edited in any way. Users who have this security level assigned have full and unlimited access to all Datto RMM functionality and can see and connect to all devices in the Datto RMM account.

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