Datto SaaS Protection Integration

About the integration

Datto SaaS Protection is a data backup, recovery, and restore solution built exclusively for managed service providers. It provides comprehensive backup and recovery of cloud data stored in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace servers.

This integration allows you to view Datto SaaS Protection client information, including the latest backup success rates, directly from Datto RMM.

IMPORTANT  Each Datto RMM user assigned to the administrator security level or to a security level with Datto SaaS Protection permissions enabled will have visibility of all protected clients from the integrated Datto SaaS Protection account. Refer to Datto SaaS Protection in Permissions. Datto Partner Portal user permissions control click-through access to client environments.


  • On a daily basis, technicians no longer have to log in to Datto Partner Portal to view Datto SaaS Protection statuses or rely on emailed PDF reports.
  • The dashboard widgets feature advanced sorting, searching, and filtering capabilities.
  • Color-coded data facilitates identification of clients requiring attention.
  • The ability to open Datto SaaS Protection client status pages directly from Datto RMM saves time and clicks.

Datto SaaS Protection widgets in Datto RMM

Two Datto SaaS Protection widgets are available in the Widget Library to add to any new or existing dashboards in Datto RMM. Refer to Widget Library and Dashboards.

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