Activity Log


The Activity Log page allows you to view and search a list of activities. Activity Log data is retained for 180 days. The page consists of two sections: the Activity Log search and the list of activities.

The Activity Log provides the following benefits:

  • Device and user activity, all in one place. The Activity Log page provides a single view of all activity within your Datto RMM account, while respecting permissions around access to different activity types.
  • Access device data at the device, site, or global level. You can view device activity across all your devices or for specified sites and devices all in one place.
  • Get the data you need with filters and search. Filtering capabilities allow you to view data globally or for specific devices, users, and sites. You can also use the search field to return a list of matching activities. Example activities include the following:
    • Logging into Datto RMM
    • Licensing activities
    • Resetting a user's password or two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Enabling, disabling, or updating support access
    • Support access activities
    • Deleting a user with details about the deleted user, the user who performed the deletion, the type of data that was deleted or reassigned, and the recipient user of the reassigned data.
    • Moving of devices, including the name and ID of both the source site and destination site
    • Deletion of devices (marked for deletion and moved to the queue for deleted devices) or removal of devices from the platform
    • Addition or removal of devices to or from Device Groups
    • Addition or removal of sites within a security level, including the names and IDs of affected sites and site groups
    • Deploying patches or monitoring policies
    • Disabling/enabling monitors via user action or alert rate limiting
    • Adding components from the ComStore and editing components
    • Running jobs or components
    • Processing of reports with details including report creation, queuing, sending, recipients, execution time, start and end of processing, and failure information
    • Scheduling a device reboot
    • Downloading Agent log files
    • Initiating a remote takeover session
    • Web Remote screen control session with details including technician name, end user name, and session name
    • File transfer during Web Remote screen control session with details including file name, file size, and whether the file was uploaded or downloaded
    • Web Remote chat session with details including technician name, end user name, session name, and any session failure information
    • Web Remote PowerShell session with details including technician name, end user name, session name, type of shell used, path of shell, and directory where shell was started

NOTE  The start and end activities for Web Remote screen control and Web Remote PowerShell sessions are displayed separately.

Activity Log details are available in the Datto RMM API. Refer to Datto RMM API.