Site Settings - Legacy UI

If you are responsible for implementing Datto RMM in your company, you have probably reviewed your Account Settings - Legacy UI in the legacy UI or Global Settings in the New UI as one of the first steps in implementation. While global settings are fundamental for the optimal running of Datto RMM, they may not apply to all sites in your account, and you may need to modify them for certain sites. Individual site settings may override global settings or complement them with additional information. For information about sites, refer to Sites - Legacy UI in the legacy UI or Sites in the New UI.

To learn how to set up correct permissions to access Site Settings refer to Security levels - Legacy UI in the legacy UI and Security Levels in the New UI.

NOTE  As OnDemand sites cannot access all Datto RMM features, some settings may not be available for them. The settings described below are available for Managed sites.