(Deprecated) Designate a local cache - Legacy UI

IMPORTANT  With the 10.0.0 release, the local cache functionality has been deprecated as part of Datto's continued commitment to security. References to the local cache remain in the UI at present, but will be removed in the future.

What is a local cache?

A local cache is a designated device that can be used as a component cache to store components. A component cache stores a local copy of all downloaded components in your Datto RMM account and then distributes the components to other devices in the same site without the need to pull them from the Datto RMM Amazon cloud platform. Using a local cache for downloading components reduces bandwidth usage and improves efficiency when deploying components.

Supported operating system

The local cache functionality is supported on Windows devices. For more information on supported versions of Windows, refer to Supported operating systems and Agent requirements.


  • Only desktops, servers, and laptops with up-to-date audit information may be nominated as local caches.
  • Local caches need to have adequate hard drive space to store the downloaded components.
  • Port 13229 must be available for inbound communications and accessible to all devices on the local network.

NOTE  A local cache should preferably be a device that is always online, for example, a server.

Default location for cached components

Your cached components will be stored in the following location by default: Drive:\ProgramData\CentraStage\Packages. You can specify the drive when nominating the cache.

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