Webroot Endpoint Security Integration - Legacy UI

About Webroot

Webroot provides cloud-based, real-time internet security against viruses, spyware, and other online threats. Its SecureAnywhere® suite of security products for endpoints, mobile devices, and corporate networks delivers advanced internet threat protection to customers.

The Webroot Endpoint Security Integration allows MSPs to deploy Webroot's lightweight software and to monitor and support the endpoints secured by Webroot directly from Datto RMM. With the integration enabled and a Webroot Security Management policy configured, you can perform the following:

  • Deploy Webroot to Windows and macOS devices
  • Uninstall Webroot from your endpoints
  • Monitor your endpoints to be alerted as per the criteria configured in the Webroot Security Management monitor details
  • Run Webroot-specific commands on your endpoints from device list pages
  • Report on the current status of Webroot throughout your device estate

For information about how to set up a Security Management policy for Webroot, refer to Create a Security Management policy - Legacy UI.

Switching to Webroot in the New UI

IMPORTANT  We strongly recommend that you discontinue use of the Webroot Endpoint Security Integration in the legacy UI if you have not yet transitioned to the updated functionality in the New UI. Doing so as soon as possible will ensure that you do not face complications when the legacy UI framework is removed.

In the New UI, the extension-based Webroot integration from the ComStore is no longer necessary. In its place are powerful new features now built into the web interface, such as:

  • Automatic, scalable Webroot deployments via Software Management
  • Remote Webroot-specific actions accessible to technicians on the Device Summary page or device list pages
  • Monitoring capabilities for Webroot installation and status compliance
  • Webroot-specific monitoring, such as alerting to infections or devices requiring attention

To learn about Webroot deployment, monitoring, and remote actions in the New UI, refer to Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection and Webroot in the New UI Q&A.

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