Datto and Kaseya products

Datto RMM integrates with the following Datto products to provide a unified business solution suite:

Product Name Description
Autotask The Autotask Integration introduces a truly unified Autotask-RMM business management platform, with seamless, secure cross-platform navigation, real-time asset management, ticket integration, and much more. Refer to Autotask Integration.
Datto Continuity The Datto Continuity Integration allows you to join Datto Continuity products with Datto RMM, offering many benefits in protecting clients against downtime and ransomware attacks. Refer to Datto Continuity Integration.
Datto File Protection The Datto File Protection Integration streamlines backup management through reports and tickets based on customizable alert parameters. Refer to Datto File Protection Integration.
Datto Networking The Datto Networking Integration allows you to join Datto RMM sites with Datto Networking networks. The integration offers many benefits to make the support process more integrated and efficient. Refer to Datto Networking Integration - New UI.
Datto Workplace The Datto Workplace Integration removes the complexity of deploying the Workplace Agent to your devices. Refer to Datto Workplace Integration.
KaseyaOne The KaseyaOne Integration allows you to seamlessly access all Kaseya products that you are subscribed to and review relevant insights. Refer to KaseyaOne Integration.
IT Glue The IT Glue Integration allows you to access IT Glue passwords, documentation, and other information for selected devices and sites directly in Datto RMM. Refer to IT Glue Integration.

Third-party integrations

Datto RMM integrates with a number of third-party applications. Refer to Third-party integrations.