Datto File Protection Integration

About Datto File Protection

Datto File Protection is Datto's cloud-based file backup service. It consists of the following components:

  • File Protection Agent: an application installed on a computer that is responsible for securely transmitting data between the device on which it is installed and the File Protection service. The Datto File Protection Agent has the ability to silently install the Agent on a user’s machine via an RMM tool, such as Datto RMM.
  • File Protection Online: a web interface that provides end users with access to device-related functions in the File Protection service, like restoring devices from a backup.
  • File Protection Manager: a web interface that provides access to all administrative and provisioning functions for partners.

For more detailed information about Datto File Protection, please visit the Datto File Protection Manager Help.

About the Datto File Protection Integration

The integration offers the following major benefits:

  • Seamless, silent deployment and removal of Datto File Protection using Datto RMM. The Datto File Protection team key allows you to install or uninstall the Datto File Protection Agent without end user interaction. The installation and uninstallation of the Agent can be performed using the same component. Refer to Install the Datto File Protection Agent.
  • Alerting on key problems of Datto File Protection, like devices not running backups for days. Tickets can also be created from the alerts in Autotask PSA if the ticket integration is enabled. Refer to Configure ticket integration.
  • Visibility on Datto File Protection status in Datto RMM. Any managed device will display the Datto File Protection status, backup size, and last backup day. You can use this information in reports or filters. Moreover, if you use the Autotask PSA Integration and the user-defined field synchronization is enabled, the Datto File Protection information will be synced to your Autotask PSA configuration items. Refer to Configure device synchronization.


You will need to have a team key to be able to associate your device(s) with the correct team. Refer to Install the Datto File Protection Agent.

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