Licenses - New UI


All accounts in Datto RMM have a license limit. The initial license limit is set when you sign up for an account; however, you can add additional Managed device and Ransomware Detection licenses to your account on the Licenses page in the New UI.

On the Licenses page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Review your current Managed device and Ransomware Detection license count and usage as well as your current OnDemand device license usage.
  • NOTE  OnDemand devices have their own license type and do not count toward your Managed device limit.

  • Self-provision additional managed licenses. Refer to Add Managed device licenses.
  • Self-provision additional Ransomware Detection licenses. Refer to Add Ransomware Detection licenses.

Once additional licenses are added, the following will occur:

  • The license count gets updated on the Setup > Billing page in the current UI as well where you can view and pay invoices. Refer to Licensing and billing.
  • Administrators will receive an email confirmation that states which user purchased the licenses, the type and number of licenses added, and the total number of licenses on the account.

NOTE  If you have a trial account or if you have any questions about self-provisioning additional licenses, please contact your Account Manager.

Overutilization of licenses

When your account exceeds either its managed device or Ransomware Detection license limit (or both), both the current UI and the New UI will inform you about this by displaying a banner. Click the Go to Licenses button to self-provision additional licenses. Refer to Add Managed device licenses and Add Ransomware Detection licenses.

NOTE  The Datto Continuity Integration and Datto Networking Integration are free of charge. Datto Continuity and Datto Networking devices do not count toward your Managed device limit.

NOTE  Datto RMM has a 10% buffer to ensure that you don't lose connectivity to your devices when your account has reached its limit. However, any devices added above that buffer will not be able to connect to the Datto RMM platform, and an error message will be logged in the Datto RMM Agent log file. Refer to Agent log files.

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