All accounts in Datto RMM have a license limit. The initial license limit is set when you sign up for an account; however, you can manage your licenses on the Licenses page.

  • If a module is inactive, click Get Started to begin adding licenses and activate the module. The following licenses cards are available for configuration:
    • Managed and OnDemand devices: Review your current Managed device license count and usage as well as your current OnDemand device license usage. To self-provision additional managed licenses, refer to Add Managed device licenses.

    The following device types consume Managed device licenses:

    • Servers, desktops, and laptops with a Managed Agent installed
    • Managed network devices, printers, and ESXi devices

    NOTE  Datto Networking and Datto Continuity devices do not count toward your Managed device limit.

      NOTE  OnDemand devices have their own license type and do not count toward your Managed device limit. For information about OnDemand license limit and pricing, please contact your account manager.

    NOTE  The Licenses in use count for Ransomware Detection displays the number of devices that have an active (enabled) Ransomware monitor.

    • Datto EDR and Datto AV: Review your total Datto Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Datto Antivirus (AV) license and usage, which is the number of devices that have an active (enabled) Threat Detection monitor. To check the total license count and other license details, click Manage licenses in Datto EDR to open the Admin page in Datto EDR. Refer to Account in the Datto EDR Help system.
    • If you already have a standalone instance of Datto EDR/Datto AV that has not yet been integrated with your Datto RMM account, refer to Datto EDR Integration for integration setup instructions. To get started with Datto EDR/Datto AV by provisioning Datto RMM licenses, or to view your current license count, refer to Get started with Datto EDR and Datto AV on this page.

    • Cloud Continuity for PCs: Learn about Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs and navigate to the Kaseya Store to purchase licenses for the product.

    When additional licenses are added, users with the administrator security level will receive an email confirmation stating which user purchased the licenses, the type and number of licenses added, and the total number of licenses on the account. Administrator users will also receive an email when a feature is enabled.

    NOTE  If you have a trial account, or if you have any questions about pricing and self-provisioning additional licenses, please contact your account manager.

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