About Wake-on-LAN

Wake-on-LAN is an industry standard protocol that, given that the device has access to a power source, allows for compatible devices to be turned on or awakened remotely. It typically only works for laptops that are connected to the main supply. The Wake-on-LAN functionality can be especially useful when maintenance tasks, such as backups or installation of software upgrades, need to be performed on a device after business hours.

If the device is in sleep mode or turned off but has access to a power source, it will continue to scan data coming in from the network. If configured, it will be able to look for a special data sequence called Magic Packet to wake up the device.

NOTE  Magic Packets are usually sent over the entirety of a network and contain the subnet information, network broadcast address, and MAC address of the target computer’s network card, whether Ethernet or wireless.

In Datto RMM, Wake-on-LAN requires an online Agent in the same site and subnet as the device you wish to wake up. The remote device also needs to be properly configured as detailed below.


In Datto RMM, an Agent can send a Magic Packet to wake up a remote device if the following requirements are met:

  • The Agent must be online and in the same site and subnet as the device you would like to wake up.
  • UDP Ports 7 and 9 must be enabled on the remote device.
  • The remote device's network adapter must be enabled to allow a Magic Packet to wake the device.
  • Wake-on-LAN must be enabled in the BIOS of the remote device.

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