Job alerts - Legacy UI

About job alerts

When you schedule a job, you can choose to be alerted when the job:

  • succeeds
  • fails
  • has warnings
  • expired

All job alerts appear on the Account > Monitor > Job Alerts page.

NOTE  For information about the Account > Monitor > Monitor Alerts page, refer to Manage alerts - Legacy UI.

Views and actions

Field Description
Resolve selected job alerts Select any of the job alerts and click this icon to set the status of the alerts to Resolved.
Refresh Click to refresh the results.
Auto-refresh is on/off By default, auto-refresh is set to ON. Auto-refresh only happens when an action occurs to trigger it. It does not refresh at set time intervals. Click to switch it on or off.
Last update Date and time when the results were last refreshed.


Field Description
Selection check box Check to select any of the alerts.
Job The job name. Click the hyperlink to see more information about the job and its result. Refer to The job view - Legacy UI.
Condition(s) Triggered Shows the reason why the alert was created.
Time The date and time when the alert was raised.