Deploying the Datto RMM Agent using Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune has functionality to deploy and run PowerShell scripts to Managed Windows 10 devices and Bash and Shell scripts to managed macOS devices, provided that they are fully enrolled in Microsoft Intune and not just Azure AD domain-joined. We can leverage this functionality to deploy scripts that will download and install the Datto RMM Agent.

The process consists of three stages:

  1. Create scripts for each Datto RMM site you wish to deploy Agents to.
  2. For each site, create a Device Group within the Microsoft Intune portal containing that customer’s Windows or macOS devices.
  3. Upload the correct script for that customer’s Datto RMM site for the respective OS and associate it with the Device Group you created for them.

NOTE  Datto provides an automated process for new Datto RMM partners to bulk import sites and to create the PowerShell and Bash/Shell scripts required for deploying from Microsoft Intune quickly and easily. For more information, refer to Automated deployment of the Datto RMM Agent using alternative tools.