Create a custom component monitor - Legacy UI

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  Knowledge of the scripting language PowerShell or Batch is required. For scripting languages supported by Datto RMM, refer to Scripting - Legacy UI.

About custom component monitors

Component monitors are in essence scripts that regularly run on a device. If the script detects that a specific condition is met, an alert can be raised which is then sent over to Datto RMM. One can find and download a number of pre-configured component monitors from the ComStore that cover various topics from security to networking. Refer to ComStore and components - Legacy UI.

The case may arise where no ComStore monitor exists to meet a specific need (for example, monitoring a particular piece of software or the contents of a specific registry value) and for which a custom component must be produced. Datto RMM can be used alongside existing scripting knowledge to produce a monitor that checks for a condition using the command-line and responds accordingly.

NOTE  Datto RMM Support are unable to assist with queries regarding script writing. Contact your account manager about a charged Professional Services engagement if you would like a Datto employee to create or debug a script for you.

Component monitors can be any scripting language supported by the endpoints on which the monitor will be running. For Windows, this is generally PowerShell, whereas macOS and Linux devices use Bash. For more information, refer to Scripting - Legacy UI.

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