Creating a Monitoring Maintenance Window policy - Legacy UI

What is a Monitoring Maintenance Window policy?

A Monitoring Maintenance Window policy allows you to pause monitoring while doing scheduled maintenance work on your devices. Pausing monitoring lets you prevent false alerts, for example, during a backup. Monitoring Maintenance Window policies can be set up at both the account and site level. Refer to Create a policy.

During a maintenance window, the following actions will be taken if an alert condition is met:

  • Monitors will be able to raise alerts; however, these alerts will not be listed as open alerts. You can only view them when selecting All Alerts from the Status drop-down list in the legacy UI. Refer to Manage alerts - Legacy UI. Alerts raised by webhooks will also be suppressed.
  • Monitors will not create tickets or send email notifications; however, response components will be executed as normal.
  • If the alert condition is still in effect when the maintenance window ends, the alert created during the maintenance window will become active and be listed under Open Alerts. Tickets and email notifications will be created and sent from this alert.

NOTE  You can also suspend monitoring on individual devices manually. For more information, refer to Suspend or unsuspend monitoring.

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