ConnectWise Manage Integration

About the integration

The ConnectWise Manage integration allows you to join together your Datto RMM and ConnectWise Manage accounts. This allows you to manage tickets created by Datto RMM (either manually or through automatic alerts) and to associate them with companies and devices within ConnectWise Manage. In addition, you can automate the mapping and creation of ConnectWise Manage configurations for Datto RMM devices.

IMPORTANT  The ConnectWise Manage integration is configurable within the Datto RMM current UI only.


To integrate ConnectWise Manage with Datto RMM, you will need to first download the ConnectWise Manage component from the ComStore.

If you are connecting to on-premise Connectwise Manage server, you will also need to add the IP addresses listed in IP addresses per platform (Outbound) for outbound communication.

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