Alerts and tickets - Legacy UI

When a monitor is triggered because its thresholds are being breached, possible responses include:

  • Sending a notification email to a designated recipient
  • Raising an alert
  • Creating a ticket

These responses are configured when the monitor is created. Refer to Monitors and policies - Legacy UI.

About alerts

An alert is the automatic response to a device operating outside of the parameters defined in a monitor. Alerts appear and can be managed on the Monitor tab at the account, site and device levels, where you can review them and take the appropriate action. Automatic response options include running a component, sending an email to designated recipients, and optionally creating a ticket.

For more information on managing and responding to alerts, refer to Manage alerts - Legacy UI.

About tickets

Datto RMM offers a standalone ticketing feature where the ticket entity lives and gets updated in Datto RMM. However, if you have integrated your Datto RMM account with Autotask or ConnectWise, you will be able to use integrated ticketing, with the ticket entity living in your PSA system. For more information about the integrations, refer to Autotask Integration and ConnectWise PSA Integration.

Tickets can be created in three ways:

All tickets are managed in the Web Portal. Refer to Managing tickets - Legacy UI.

If the ticketing features Datto RMM offers are not sufficient for your needs, Datto RMM integrates with several other PSA solutions. For information on PSA integrations, refer to Third-party integrations.