Adding a device manually - Legacy UI

This method assumes that you have access to the Web Portal. This will be the case if you are a staff member of an MSP company. Your end users (customers) will not have access to your Web Portal but you can email them the Agent executable file for various device types.

From the New Device window, you can enroll Windows devices, macOS devices, Linux devices, network devices, printers, and ESXi hosts. Expand either of the following drop-down menus for specific instructions based on what type of device you wish to enroll.

New device notification

Datto RMM checks for newly added devices at 00:30 UTC, 08:30 UTC, and 16:30 UTC. If newly added devices are found during these checks, an email notification will be sent to the email addresses configured at the global and site levels. Refer to Email Recipients in Account Settings - Legacy UI and Email Recipients in Site Settings - Legacy UI.