Quick jobs - Legacy UI

About quick jobs

A quick job allows you to immediately deploy one component without having to schedule the job. Components must first be downloaded from the ComStore into your Component Library. Refer to ComStore - Legacy UI.

Similar to scheduled jobs, quick jobs can be run against individual devices, sites, filters, or groups.

Quick jobs are run immediately and do not have an expiration time. They always run in the LocalSystem Account. However, it is possible to force the execution of a script to run in the context of the local user by creating a scheduled job and selecting the Advanced Options > Execution section. Refer to Execution. Components must be marked as favorites to be available for quick jobs in the legacy UI. Refer to Make a component available for quick jobs.

NOTE  Since quick jobs do not have an expiration time, they will remain in an active state for devices that are not able to receive it (for example, offline devices). If necessary, you can manually clean up quick jobs by deleting them. Refer to Active and completed jobs - Legacy UI.

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