Job scheduler - Legacy UI

About the job scheduler

A scheduled job allows you to run multiple components immediately or at a scheduled time. When a job is scheduled, the Web Portal signals the targeted devices that a job needs to be run. The Agent will download the job to the local hard drive, unpack the package into its component parts, and run the script. This process takes place in the system session where the Datto RMM Agent runs. If you want a job to run in the user session (for example to copy a shortcut to the desktop), you can set it up when scheduling the job. Refer to Execution.

Jobs can be scheduled for individual devices, sites, filters or groups. You cannot run a job at the Account level.

Components must first be downloaded from the ComStore into your Component Library. Refer to ComStore - Legacy UI.

NOTE  A quick job allows you to immediately deploy one component without having to schedule the job. Refer to Quick jobs - Legacy UI.

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