Create a Patch Management policy

About Patch Management

For general information about Patch Management in Datto RMM, including security level permissions, determining a device's patch status, patch reporting, and more, refer to Patch Management.

What is a Patch Management policy?

With a Patch Management policy, you are pre-approving patches to be installed on your Windows devices on an ongoing basis as per the conditions you define. A Patch Management policy can not only manage the patches made available in Windows Update, but it also gives you more control, lowers your workload, and increases the security of your devices.

You can set up a global or site-level policy that can target multiple devices. You can define conditions such as the patch window and patch approval rules. You can also create a Patch Management policy for audit purposes only, and apply site-level overriding of global policy options.

IMPORTANT  Only Windows Managed Agents support Patch Management. Refer to Managed and OnDemand Agents.

NOTE  We recommend that you create at least two Patch Management policies: one for workstations and one for servers.

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