Features of Windows, macOS, and Linux Agents

Datto RMM provides Agents for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Refer to Devices.

Agent features differ significantly, depending on the operating system and/or the device they are installed on. The tables below document Agent features for each environment.


Refer to Monitor types and categories in the current UI and Monitor types in the New UI.

Feature Windows macOS Linux
Antivirus Status Monitor
CPU Monitor
Component Monitor
Datto Monitor Devices protected by your Datto device
Disk Usage Monitor    
Event Log Monitor    
File/Folder Size Monitor
KES Security Management Monitor  
Memory Monitor
Online Status Monitor
Patch Monitor    
Ping Monitor
Process Monitor
SNMP Monitor
Service Monitor    
Software Monitor    
WMI Monitor    
Webroot Security Management Monitor  
Windows Performance Monitor    


Refer to Audits.

Feature Windows macOS Linux
Change log
Activity Log

Remote actions from the web interface

Refer to Remote Actions in the current UI and Action buttons in the New UI.

Agent Browser tools

IMPORTANT  The Agent Browser is only available for Managed Agents on Microsoft Windows devices. OnDemand Agents and operating systems other than Windows do not have an Agent Browser.

Refer to List of Agent Browser tools.